by Jim Mash
Last Updated 18/04/2021
Fluid Energy Theory
An entirely new theory based upon energy being a real substance

What is Fluid Energy Theory?

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FET shows how photons are created, why they move at light speed, what they are and why they have both an upper and lower limit to the amount of energy they can carry. It also explains how a single photon can pass through two separate slits simultaneously and how they can be entangled. FET shows that photons behave like particles in that they take on the speed of the source. The changes in clock rates with speed and gravity are explained and agree with the predictions of relativity. Thus both time and motion are absolute and not relative.

Electricity and magnetism are also easily explained by FET and again, the magnetic force is shown to operate by means of physical contact from the flow of fluid energy. The reason that the electric and magnetic forces are both attractive and repulsive is no longer a mystery, nor why a magnet can stick to a fridge door indefinitely.

Not only are temperature, kinetic energy and inertia all explained by FET but so are all the observations that have ever been made in chemistry, physics and astronomy. For example, FET explains how protons can sit together within a nucleus without repelling each other and why neutrons, which are unstable in isolation are required to make them stable. It also explains why tritium and other atoms are radioactive. Most importantly, it shows that global warming has nothing to do with the level of CO2 in the atmosphere but is a natural process occurring with every planet.

In “Wot, no bang?”, FET is introduced and used to explain how the universe came to be created out of its initial quiescent state. This book caters for those that just want to know how the universe came to be the way that it is today, the forces that led to its present steady state and why it is not expanding. Because the theory is extremely simple and logical and can be easily visualised there is very little mathematics involved but numerous diagrams.

In subsequent books I show how FET applies to the interaction of photons with matter, how electricity and magnetism arise, how light can be polarised, why the notion of mass is unnecessary, how gyroscopes actually do affect gravity, why the only real particles to exist are neutrons and protons and therefore neutrinos and all other particles do not.

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