by Jim Mash
Last Updated 15/06/2021
Fluid Energy Theory
An entirely new theory based upon energy being a real substance

What is Fluid Energy Theory?

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Fluid Energy Theory is an entirely new theory based upon energy being a real substance. Unlike substances that we are familiar with, energy is not particulate but is a continuous substance. From this it can be deduced that energy is the only substance to exist and is the aether that exists throughout the whole of infinite space. The reason that we see such a variety of substances is that in its natural state, energy is a fluid substance that is extremely compressible. It is for this reason that I have called the theory Fluid Energy Theory. Fluid energy has no lower limit to its density but it does have an upper limit, and this corresponds to it being in an incompressible solid state.

Wot, no bang?” is the first in a series of books In this book I describe how regions of fluid energy came to be converted into its solid state that form the nucleons at the heart of every atom. FET shows how neutron particles are created, and using readily available experimental data I am able to show their correct size, how long they take to grow and how fast they spin.

I then describe how neutron particles reach a critical size whereupon they change into hydrogen atoms. From this change it becomes obvious why nobody has ever established the true nature of an electron. Contrary to current belief, protons and electrons do not have electrical charges of opposite sign but are instead linked together as a region of fluid energy (the electron) circulating around a spinning core of solid energy (the proton). The so-called electrostatic force is shown to arise from this continuous flow of fluid energy around a core of solid energy.

Similarly, the gravitational force is shown to be the flow of fluid energy into the cores, and objects within its flow absorb some of this energy causing them to move with the flow towards its source. Thus the electromagnetic force and the gravitational force are both forces of physical contact associated with flowing energy. Not only does this explain why protons and electrons have such an affinity for each other it shows why the strength of their union is 1039 times greater than the strength of the gravitational force.

The strong and weak nuclear forces do not exist but there is another force, the centripetal force, which is responsible for the creation of atoms and molecules, their condensation into stars and gaseous planets and the formation of galaxies and galaxy clusters. The centripetal force is a consequence of energy being a continuous substance and is what makes particles of solid energy spin. The gravitational force is shown to be significant only in the structure of solar systems. So whereas the motions of the planets around a star are governed by the gravitational force the motions of the stars in galaxies are governed by the centripetal force and hence there is no requirement to have dark matter.

FET predicts that the universe is infinite in extent and has always existed and will always exist. Furthermore, its initial state was motionless and timeless but has since developed into an equilibrium state where the conversion of fluid energy into solid energy is now balanced by the reverse process. Part of this process is the loss of energy by photons as they move through space. Calculations show that the red shift of starlight is mostly due to this loss with the rest attributable to the random motions between galaxies and therefore the universe is not expanding.

The range of star types according to FET is much simpler than currently assumed with logical explanations for normal stars that eliminate the need for pulsars, neutron stars and black holes. The peculiar quasars discovered by Arp that have high red shifts and appear to be associated with galaxies with low red shift can now be easily explained. The cosmic microwave background radiation is shown to be a local effect which is also responsible for the misinterpretation of data that led to the belief in dark energy.

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