by Jim Mash
Last Updated 18/04/2021
Fluid Energy Theory
An entirely new theory based upon energy being a real substance

The speed of light

Current theories   FET

According to special relativity light travels at a fixed speed regardless of the speed of its source or the speed of any observer and that nothing can move faster than light.

What about space itself? How was it possible during the inflationary period of the big bang for the rate of expansion to be billions of times faster than light speed? Today, parts of the universe that are separated by more than 2 billion light years are moving away from each other at faster than light speed. They say that it is space and not matter that is expanding but why should that be exempt from a natural law and why should it only expand in regions of space not accessible to us but not in our locality where we could possibly measure it as a change in the forces?

Whenever calculations are made on the orbits of planets it always has to be assumed that the gravitational force travels instantly and must also break the speed of light barrier.

And what about entanglement where information is said to travel any distance instantly?


FET shows how photons are produced by being flung off of the surfaces of neutrons and calculations show that they move away from them with a speed c. All experiments including the Michelson/ Morley and Sagnac experiments which have been argued about for so long can be shown to be entirely consistent with the speed of a photon being equal to c±v, where v is the speed of the source of the photon.

So if a neutron is moving at speed v then the speed of the photon as seen by an outside observer is equal to c±v depending upon which direction it is emitted.

FET is a flowing energy theory and it has already been shown that this type of theory gives exactly the same mathematical description as general relativity but with there being no restrictions upon the speed of light.

Because gravity is a continuous flow of fluid energy into nucleons the flow is always present even at great distances from the source and therefore objects anywhere within this flow will behave as though the force travels at infinite speed.

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