by Jim Mash
Last Updated 18/04/2021
Fluid Energy Theory
An entirely new theory based upon energy being a real substance

The nature of space

Current theories   FET

The big bang theory claims that the universe started with an explosion but we cannot liken it to an ordinary explosion because matter is not distributed in space in such a way for it to be so. In an ordinary explosion we would be able to see the edges of the universe beyond which no matter had yet reached and possibly a bare centre after matter had stopped being created.

It is claimed that galaxies are not actually moving away from each other because that would imply that relativity is wrong so instead it claims that space itself is expanding. If space expanded uniformly then the space within galaxies and between atoms would also expand and because our measuring devises expanded at the same rate it would be impossible to observe any expansion anywhere in the universe. So, conveniently it is claimed that only the space between galaxies expands and that the gravity associated with mass prevents space from expanding within galaxies.

General relativity claims that time and space are intimately linked and that the presence of matter distorts space/time so that gravity is not a real force. Instead we are expected to believe that when our planet orbits the Sun it is moving in a straight line through distorted space.

Here upon the Earth we are aware of only three spatial dimensions and a completely separate dimension of time. I find that all of the assumptions about space expanding and bending back upon itself to be far worse errors of judgement than those that still believe the Earth to be flat.

Some day, people will look back at the twentieth century and wonder how scientists could have got everything so wrong.

For example, why is it that in the first moments of the big bang when matter had just conveniently popped into existence and was so tightly packed together that even light could not escape from it, space still managed to expand despite gravity at that time being so highly concentrated that it was far stronger than occurs in any star or galaxy that exists today.


FET defines space as being infinite in extent and therefore has no boundaries. Because energy is assumed to be a real and continuous substance it fills all of space with no voids. It even predicts the energy density of space to be a minimum of 2x1015eV.m-3 with regions of higher energy density where particles and radiation are present.

All forces arise from the flow of energy and with strengths proportional to their flow rates.

At no time does FET require that more than the three observable spatial dimensions exist with no tying to time.

There is therefore no need to propose that space bends back upon itself or has any other strange properties.

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