by Jim Mash
Last Updated 18/04/2021
Fluid Energy Theory
An entirely new theory based upon energy being a real substance


There are some things that will probably never be explained, such as why does anything exist. Obviously if nothing existed we would not be here to ask such questions. The best we can ever probably achieve is to leave unanswered as few questions as possible. Bearing this in mind, the minimum requirements for there to be a universe in which life would eventually evolve is for it to have space and one substance from which matter, radiation and forces could evolve without any outside help.

At one time the universe was considered to be eternal as that is the simplest logical solution. If it has always existed then there is no need to work out how and why a universe should suddenly emerge from nothing. This simple model of our universe persisted for thousands of years until Hubble’s discovery of the relationship between the red shift of light from galaxies and their distances from us. As no satisfactory explanation could be found for light to lose energy at a uniform and constant rate, and because light was thought to be a wave phenomenon, it was assumed that light would be stretched and compressed in the same way as sound waves when their sources are moving. Hence it was assumed that the more distant a galaxy, the faster it was moving away from us.

This led to the big bang model where the universe was created at some definable time in the past by a massive explosion in space. However, it was soon realised that the “Doppler” explanation for the stretching of light photons could not be applied to this situation because the change in wavelength was occurring uniformly between galaxies and not stepwise with each galaxy. So instead of the big bang being a conventional explosion it was hypothesised that it was space itself that emerged from nothing and brought matter, radiation and forces with it. With the big bang model came a lot of unanswered questions such as what existed before the big bang? Why did it suddenly occur? Why has it apparently only happened once? Where did all the matter, radiation and forces come from? What is the relationship between matter, radiation and forces? What is it that determined the values of the constants that control the evolution of the universe? And possibly many more.

FET takes us back to where we were before Hubble’s discovery. It predicts a universe that is eternal and extends to infinity so that we do not have to ask the questions how did it start and what lies outside of our universe? That does not mean that the universe has always been the same as it is today. In fact, FET shows that the initial state of the universe could have been a uniform distribution of just one substance, energy. With no motion it was impossible to define or measure time and therefore it is possible to imagine that it existed in this timeless state with no beginning.

FET is based upon the argument that energy is a real substance and that it is a continuous substance. This means it differs from what we understand by normal substances as these are all assumed to be made of particles. The difference between a continuous substance and a particulate substance is that when they are spun, the former pulls itself inwards by the centripetal force and the latter expels itself outwards by the centrifugal force. FET shows that the centripetal force is the most powerful force to exist and is responsible for the self-organisation of everything from the creation of particles to atoms, planets, stars, galaxies and life itself.

Thus FET fulfils the minimum requirements stated in the opening paragraph in that it uses space that stretches on forever and only one substance so that there are no boundaries where other substances can exist. The only properties that affect the state of the universe are the density of solid energy and its cohesive strength. It is the values of these two properties that have defined the sizes of particals and atoms, the speed of light and the the strengths of the three forces. If the values were different then the universe would still have self-organised into its present state with the only differences being the relative sizes of objects and the strengths of the forces. So FET shows us that the universe was not specifically designed in order for live to evlolve as has to be assumed in the big bang theory.

The only questions FET does not answer is why there is space, why does it contain this one substance and what is it that may have created the first motion from which all matter, radiation and forces arose by a self-organising process. What is more, FET explains all known phenomena in ways that are totally logical and that can be visualised at every step in the evolutionary process.

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