by Jim Mash
Last Updated 18/04/2021
Fluid Energy Theory
An entirely new theory based upon energy being a real substance

FET predictions

Relativity and quantum theory have made many predictions that have turned out to be correct so I can understand why they are revered so much. For example, quantum theory predicted faster than light experimental results such as quantum entanglement as exemplified in the Bell theorem and relativity predicted light bending by gravity, Mercury’s orbital variation from Newtonian gravity and the changes in clocks due to speed and gravity. But just because a theory can make correct predictions it does not mean that the reasoning behind the theory is correct.

FET is a flowing aether model and theories based upon this type of model have been shown to be compatible with the mathematical treatment of general relativity and therefore the mathematics of general relativity also applies to FET. So the predictions that gravity bends light and that clocks run at different rates in the presence of gravity and with speed are equally valid. In the second book on FET due to be published later this year I show that FET is also compatible with quantum theory and therefore all of its successful predictions also apply to FET.

In addition there are other predictions unique to FET, some of which should not be too difficult to confirm or refute. Many of the predictions have already been confirmed and cannot therefore be used to show that FET is correct and other explanations are wrong. For example, FET predicts that photons should be ejected from a nucleus of an atom with a speed c and that they should lose energy at just the amount that starlight is red shifted. It predicts that neutron stars and black holes do not exist and it provides feasible explanations for why many stars have been interpreted in this way. It predicts that the red shift of light from a quasar can be many orders of magnitude greater than that from ordinary stars and it predicts that dark matter and dark energy do not exist.

The major prediction of FET is that an electron and a proton are inseparable. When a neutron reaches a critical size the centrifugal force within the core of solid energy overcomes the centripetal force that compresses fluid energy into its solid form. The critical point occurs just within the outside edge of the neutron core and this allows the solid energy outside of this region to expand back into fluid energy. This energy does not fly off as a photon does but is recaptured and an equilibrium is established.

FET predicts that neutrons and hydrogen atoms are still being formed and will continue to be so for eternity because the universe is in a dynamic equilibrium state. Experiments that purport to show electrons being ejected from a material are interpreted by FET as external sources of fluid energy extending the fluid energy region around a proton to much greater distances than its equilibrium distance of around 10-10m. The supply of fluid energy can be in the form of electrical, thermal or kinetic energy. I do not yet know how this can be tested but there are other predictions that could be tested.

One such example is where FET predicts that the speed of light varies with the speed of source and in “Wot, no bang?” I give an experimental test method. A second is that the speed of light might be dependent upon the wavelength of light and I believe that there is already some evidence for this.

The intensity of the microwave radiation should give us some idea of the amount of matter in the Oort cloud. A second way of estimating the number and sizes of objects in the Oort cloud is from the dimming effect (that has led to the belief in dark energy) that these bodies have upon distant galaxies.

FET also predicts that every planet and star is warmed by gravitational heating. For the Earth the amount of heating is at least 4 times greater than that due to the Sun’s radiation. This gravitational heating though is uniformly spread throughout the whole planet and not just the surface. This causes periodic changes in the proportions of the planet that are in the liquid state and hence the rate at which heat can escape to the surface. FET shows that this can explain the periods of warming and cooling as being natural events.

FET predicts that the composition of an atmosphere has no effect upon its temperature but that the density and the wavelength of the radiation do. Using these predictions it can be shown that the temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere should undergo three inversions with height due to the absorption of the Sun’s radiation in one region and the absorption of the Earth’s radiation at another region, exactly as is observed.

FET also predicts the correct temperature profiles for the atmospheres of Venus, Mars and why the corona of the Sun is around 2 million degrees when the surface temperature is less than 6,000K.

FET predicts that the universe is billions of billions of years old. So there has been plenty of time for life to have evolved. It may have been in stages where amino acids were created on some planets, proteins on other planets, and so on. FET predicts that planets larger than the Earth will explode so that the life forming units such as DNA could be much the same throughout the universe.

FET shows how photons can be entangled and that it is possible to transmit information instantly across distances much greater than a galaxy. Hence no intelligent species will attempt to communicate with others through electromagnetic radiation. However, I am convinced that a communication device based upon entangled photons could be built and should be used to search for extra terrestrial life.

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