by Jim Mash
Last Updated 18/04/2021
Fluid Energy Theory
An entirely new theory based upon energy being a real substance

Expanding universe

Current theories   FET

The big bang theory arose out of the claim that the red shift of starlight is due to the expansion of space. The assumption that the Universe is currently expanding has led to the notion that we can look back in time to a point where it must have originated from a single point, and the universe must therefore be of a finite time and extent.

However, the expansion of the universe has not been verified by any alternative means and leaves the following questions unanswered...

  • Where does the lost energy go to as a photon expands?
  • If space is expanding what is it expanding into?
  • What existed before space came into being?
  • What made space expand so rapidly during the inflationary period and then instantly change to a much slower expansion rate?
  • Why does space only expand between galaxies and not within them?
  • If matter prevents space expanding in galaxies why did it not prevent space from expanding when particles were first created and were packed together so tightly that light could not escape from them?
  • What is it that is making space expand when the only acknowledged force capable of reaching between galaxies is gravity, which is an attractive force only?

FET was not founded in order to explain why starlight is red shifted but it just happened to be one of the predictions when, using available data, FET calculated the size of neutron particles along with their spin and growth rates, why they emit photons at light speed and how they create the gravitational force. From this it became apparent that the growth rate of a neutron should be identical to the rate of loss of energy of a photon. The rate turned out to be exactly equal to the energy loss of a photon according to its red shift. Hence there is a logical explanation for the red shift of starlight that is consistent with the universe being in a steady state that is not expanding. The energy lost by a moving photon is returned to the continuum thereby maintaining a stable equilibrium state.

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