by Jim Mash
Last Updated 15/06/2021
Fluid Energy Theory
An entirely new theory based upon energy being a real substance

FET versus current theories

If we believe that there are natural laws to the universe then they should be applied consistently to all times, places and conditions rather than assume that laws can be broken in some circumstances just to fit in with a pet theory. So the true theory of everything will do what it claims and explain every known phenomenon using exactly the same set of rules throughout. But how many theories put forward to explain a certain phenomenon have gone on to explain other phenomena without having to be modified in order to accommodate them into the theory?

The big bang theory certainly cannot claim this distinction because over the years it has had to be modified to include inflation, dark matter and dark energy, none of which have been proved to exist. Quantum theory has been one of the most successful scientific theories ever created but not only is it limited in what it can tell us about the macroscopic world it tells us practically nothing about the macroscopic world. Relativity has its own set of laws and on its own is limited to a description of gravity and how electromagnetic radiation behaves in its presence.

FET on the other hand not only explains what all three of the mentioned theories claim to do but does so without introducing any conditions that we cannot experience here upon the Earth. FET came about from my desire to explain my surface energy results gathered whilst working in a government laboratory in the UK. Since then FET has gone on to explain everything that cosmology, astronomy, physics and chemistry can throw up and now I am even finding that it has the potential to explain life and consciousness. It is the only scientific theory that can do what quantum theory, relativity and the big bang theory between them cannot achieve. In these pages I have made a start on comparing FET with these three major theories.

Whereas the big bang theory has had to undergo many modifications to incorporate inflation, dark matter and dark energy, FET has not had to be modified once since it was first used to show how the first particles were created.

I only started to discuss FET with other parties in April 2008 and these have shown me how difficult it is going to be to even persuade people to bother finding out more about FET. I will modify these pages from time to time as I learn what it is that will convince others that it is time to abandon the big bang theory altogether and to reinterpret quantum theory and relativity in the light of FET. Any comments can be made using the contact form provided and I will do my best to reply either personally or through this site.

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