by Jim Mash
Last Updated 18/04/2021
Fluid Energy Theory
An entirely new theory based upon energy being a real substance

Conservation of energy

Current theories   FET

No known experiment has ever seen the conservation of energy rule broken. Yet according to the big bang model our whole universe is supposed to have come from nothing. To explain this lapse it is said that energy materialised as equal amounts of matter and antimatter and that somehow an imbalance occurred leaving only normal matter behind. Forces are said to be carried by virtual particles that are constantly appearing as pairs of matter and antimatter by borrowing energy from the future.

When Einstein showed that energy and matter are interchangeable it was believed that matter could arise from virtual particles that have somehow managed to become real particles. No one has questioned the law of conservation of energy and therefore there is no reason why we should not assume that all of the energy that exists today has always existed and always will. Whereas energy in the guise of matter, chemical, electrical, nuclear, kinetic and thermal forms can be considered as real forms of energy, potential energy is related to position and is therefore not a real form of energy.


FET is based upon the assumption that energy is real substance and has always existed and always will. FET shows how energy comes in a low density form as a fluid that fills infinite space and is self-organised into a solid form as particles that are capable of emitting the packets of energy we call photons with densities between that of the continuum and solid energy. The abstract notion of potential energy is not required and this makes calculations involving the gravitational form of energy more understandable.

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