by Jim Mash
Last Updated 15/06/2021
Fluid Energy Theory
An entirely new theory based upon energy being a real substance

About the Author

I am a physical chemist and started my career in 1959 at the National Chemical Laboratory, Teddington, UK, in the division of Chemical Thermodynamics determining the physical properties of pure organic compounds. In 1966 I took two years leave to study at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow to do an MSc degree in analytical chemistry followed by an MSc in forensic science. I returned to NCL where I developed a technique to measure the solubility of one liquid in another. When the NCL was replaced by the Laboratory of the Government Chemist I headed a project to determine the surface properties of minerals, and later extended it to metals and polymers. I had just made a major breakthrough in the understanding of surface energies when the LGC was privatised, and to facilitate this change it was decided to end most of the research work. I therefore took early retirement in order that I could write up my work.

My experimental studies were sufficient to fill a book, but as my studies did not conform to the current explanations of surface tensions and energies I immersed myself into the theoretical aspects of energy. It was intended to be one chapter in this book, but very slowly it grew until I had sufficient material for a second book. I then discovered that my theory not only explained surface energies, it could explain many observations in physics, chemistry, geology and astronomy. It was then that I decided to call my theory Fluid Energy Theory.

Further years passed as I tried to find something that could not be explained by FET during which I amassed sufficient material for a further book. The breadth of my theory is so vast that I have not had the time to study each area as thoroughly as I would like. However, I have now reached the stage where I can not find even one experimental piece of evidence that conflicts with my theory and have therefore made the decision to start publishing.

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