by Jim Mash
Last Updated 15/06/2021
Fluid Energy Theory
An entirely new theory based upon energy being a real substance

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The big bang theory has been around for many years now and is accepted by mainstream scientists as proven fact. It is though a theory built upon shaky foundations as it was entirely conceived from just one explanation for the red shift of starlight.

It has had to be modified many times as new observations are repeatedly throwing up new problems. So much so that there are an increasing number of good scientists risking their jobs and reputations by daring to voice their opinions that the big bang theory is not the true explanation for creation. Many alternative theories can be found on the Internet and you may be forgiven for thinking that this is just another of these theories.

However, FET is the only theory ever proposed that allows the calculation and understanding of constants and parameters such as the speed of light, the time to create particles, the spin rate of nucleons, the density of energy in matter and empty space, the strengths of the electromagnetic and gravitational forces, how they operate using just the three normal dimensions of space, and the killer of the big bang theory, the rate of loss of energy by photons moving through space.

FET allows us to visualise how particles are created and how these combine to form atoms, molecules, stars, planets and galaxies without the need for dark matter or dark energy. FET unites the very big with the very small and explains every mystery currently associated with quantum theory and relativity without paradoxes or weirdness. It is the true, long sought after Theory Of Everything

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